Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Warming

We've been having some crazy warm weather these past few days. I mean it's been highs in the 60s (Farenheit)! So, I paired my new favorite navy blue circle skirt with a short sleeved knit top with a cropped jean jacket. I know it's not totally vintage, but I felt like it worked. 

I also wore an orange vintage pinwheel brooch for a little unexpected color.

And a favorite bangle: orange-red with roses on it. It's fun and chunky and totally baby proof.

I didn't wear this anywhere special, but we did go out to eat and to a store. It was warm enough that I didn't wear any stockings or hose with it. This is crazy weather even for here in December, but that's the things about East Tennessee, you never know what you're going to get. 

Sometimes I'm in the mood to go for an all out vintage look and sometimes it's more of a mixed bag. I realize that's not what everyone would like, but that's part of being me. I don't really live in the past and this helps me stretch my wardrobe a little further. I guess my fashion choices can be a little schizophrenic, but that's why it suits me, whether it fits anyone else or not. 

I love the freedom of mixing and matching, and without having every possible clothing item being either vintage or made from a vintage pattern, it's essential for me to bend a little, and that's okay. It's easy to put pressure on yourself to look a certain way all the time, but in reality you have to be you. 

Outfit Details:
Skirt-made by me
Shirt-Old Navy ages ago (pre-first baby)
Jean Jacket-maybe Rue 21 over ten years ago, but I'm not sure
Vintage Pinwheel brooch- eBay
Bangle-maybe Cato's
Mocassins-by Minnetonka
Vintage bakelite earrings-eBay

Do you mix modern and vintage? Do you like to switch things up every now and again?

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