Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday Separates

I've lost some weight, (yay!) so I will have to take in the waist on this skirt, again. 
This Sunday it was oddly warm with highs in the 50s, so the big heavy coat stayed in the closet. I wore the new skirt I sewed, and an old favorite top. Nothing extravagant, but I felt pretty, and my husband liked it. That's enough for me.
I bought this years ago precisely because of the bow.

I'm ever so guilty of rushing around on Sunday, even when everything that possibly can be done ahead of time has already been done. Sometimes I feel like a drill sargent barking orders all morning just so we get there on time, and even then something often happens to keep us from getting gone right on time.
Bakelite bangles, because I needed some color.
Planning outfits ahead of time really helps, but I've found my wardrobe is a bit lacking when it comes to simple, solid, separates. So, that's what I'm focusing on sewing for a while. Well, sort of, I can't completely keep from sewing cute prints, and I have a vintage blouse in the works with the sweetest roses on it. 
Vintage Mary and her little lamb brooch. 
Maybe I just need to focus on a couple plain skirts or blouses, because I will never fully be able to give up all those cute patterns in my stash, and I don't want to give them up entirely. I'm not capable of mixing patterns, or don't feel capable anyway, so a few solid separates it is. 
Keeping seams straight. 
One thing that really makes sense to me is the way people used to think of their wardrobes. I know my grandparents had a lot less clothes than we're used having, but they were all good quality and were versatile enough to mix and match into several outfits. I'm trying to do more planning in my sewing of a vintage wardrobe, so that I need less and it looks like more. I think that's something we've lost in more recent years. The idea that less can be more, and that we don't really need all that we think we need. The concept of planning ahead and spending thoughtfully. Those are lessons I need to learn, and by God's grace I hope I will. 
My favorite red shoes.
Sunday morning is very often a stressful time, what with getting all the kids ready and out the door on time for church, but by the time we're home and everyone's fed, it's also a time to just sit and relax together.
I do love a lot of things about Sundays even if I have to run out with wet hair and put on makeup in the car on the way to church. Not that I would ever be guilty of that, lol.

Outfit Details:
Knit top from Catos about ten years ago
Skirt made by me
Vintage seamed stockings from eBay
Vintage brooch from eBay
Bakelite bangles from eBay
Red shoes from Baker's

How have you or are you planning your wardrobe?


  1. So very true. I've seen some 1940s and 50s school films that focused (or touched) on one's wardrobe/appearance and in them, the closets and/or dresser drawers held a mere fraction of what most people (even those who are far from wealthy) own today, yet most people were more than content with what they had back then. A few well made, easy to mix separates, some dresses, shoes and acessories and they were set.

    And by the same token, most people did not constantly shop for clothing the way so many today do. I love that about the past, as I have neither the budget nor inclination to do so (shop around the clock) either. It's great to make the most of what you already have and come up with fun new outfits based on what's on your hangers already.

    Big hugs (the first from my new computer :)),
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It's impossible to avoid having more than we actually need today, but I am trying to be more thoughtful and selective about what I buy and what I get rid of than I used to do. I feel guilty sometimes when I think of all that I do have. I think maybe I would've liked to have lived in a different time, but then there is a reason we are here when and where we are.
    And hip hip hooray for your new computer! My macbook is almost seven years old and feeling a little jealous.
    Hugs to you, too!