Friday, June 20, 2014

My Last Maternity Dress....Maybe

Simplicity 4994
I've sewn up what will probably be my last maternity dress to sew, at least for this pregnancy (although I've been known to tackle huge sewing projects in the last few weeks, even if I only get to wear them once). It's been done for a while, but I just hadn't got a chance to post about it. Seeing as how I only have less than 10 weeks left before baby arrives, I can't bring myself to sew up another dress. I have sewn up a couple vintage tops and lots and lots of stuff for my kids, all of which I hope to blog about soon (if I can remember to take pictures!), but have no plans to sew another maternity dress. 

This is probably my favorite maternity dress to sew. It's fast and easy and totally flexible for your growing baby tummy, and I've already sung it's praises here and here before. So, I won't bore you with all the reasons I think Simplicity 4994 from the sixties is so amazing, just know that it really is.

This time I used a very, very, very, bright orange printed cotton and it's called the Big Orange dress, because I live in "Big Orange" country, a nickname due to our state football team. (I, however, know nothing whatsoever about football and my husband isn't a big sports fan either, so, yay!) So, I'm guessing no one can say they didn't see me coming in this dress, but that aside, if you've seen my blog at all, you know by now that I absolutely love really bright colors and prints. It's also really amazing how this pattern looks totally different with different colors and prints. 

I only changed one thing about the construction of this one, and used my own self made bias binding for the neck and sleeves. I cannot begin to say how much I love doing that since I figured out a really easy (think lazy and cheap) way to do my own. With the nearest fabric store carrying bias tape at least a 30+ minute drive from my house, I HATE having to do to the store to hope to find a bias tape that matches and then hope again I've purchased enough of it. Someday I will have to share here my easy way to make your own bias tape. 

Best picture I could get of my awesome orange lucite glittery starfish earrings. 
I'm still feeling okay, but am entering that uncomfortable last few weeks, the time when I'm already thinking to myself "How many weeks early could the baby be born and still be considered full term?", cause that's really my goal, but all my kids so far have went past their due date. Maybe I make it too comfortable on them in there? I don't know, but I do hate the heat and humidity we already have here and am not looking forward to July and August.

 I am also huge, and no I am not having twins and yes, I really am due in August. To all those who ever run into someone pregnant, just remember that she already feels like a beached whale, so never make any comment that could in any way be interpreted as you saying she's too big. Seriously, it should be illegal. When you're pregnant you have a hard enough time feeling good or remotely attractive, don't make it worse, not to mention your hormones are so out of whack that you assume the worst whatever anyone says. Hmm, maybe the safest thing to say is you look great, no matter what and keep any thoughts about size or how much she's swelling to yourself, then just talk about anything else.

So, I am so looking forward to this fall and cool weather and to fitting in anything but maternity clothing. I do have some health issues to deal with post pregnancy and eventually surgeries (Yuck!), but am still hopeful I can fit in some of my vintage clothes again (Can anyone say girdle?). I am trying to be satisfied and content with what's in store no matter what, but must confess I've only had two surgeries prior to these and one of these will be very major surgery(no, they are not cosmetic), and I am scared already. Prayers definitely appreciated.

I have also, after four pregnancies, had to learn to cope with changing body shapes a lot. The things I dread most are not being able to wear all my vintage and sewn clothes right away, but that gives me something to work towards.

Do you find that dressing vintage helps you maintain a certain weight? Have you found it harder or easier to dress vintage when your body shape changes a lot, especially from circumstances you have no control over (i.e. pregnancy, illness, side effects of medication, etc.)?