Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh Spring, Oh Spring!

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged anything, and I want to say, I'm so sorry for that. However part of it has been due to circumstances out of my control. My computer has been acting finicky again and not working all the time properly (It tends to be a little moody.), I've been seriously potty training our oldest son, we've, myself included, have had two nasty bouts of a stomach virus, which is no picnic when you're pregnant and prone to nausea already, and I've been too tired *ahem* lazy to get up early and write as that was my usual time for doing so. 

So, with the clouds seeming to clear away a little bit and the hope of sunshine in the future, I'm looking forward to more regular posting for a while. However, it seems that the only constant around here is often unpredictability. 

The title for this post comes from a poem my dad wrote. He's actually a published poet, and despite the obvious nature of the title, the actual poem is quite humorous. Unfortunately I can't recall all the words to it at present. But I can tell you that spring is fighting it's way in here. We have one day of sunshiny warmth and goodness and then you'll wake up to snow the next morning. We can't complain much though, because we have relatively mild weather here and it's allowing me to occasionally wear some more sunny weather outfits. 

I'm wearing a version of Simplicity 4994 that I made this time in a very bright and flowery cotton print. It's comfy and cool and the colors make me happy. Again, there couldn't be an easier maternity pattern I don't think, and there may be another version in my future. 

You'll have to forgive me for not matching the pattern on the dress front, but I am trying very hard not to buy any more new fabric until I use a substantial part of my existing fabric stash, so I had to make to with barely enough yardage as it was. 

Life is perpetually a little chaotic around here, but I have done some sewing here and there that I hope to get posted soon. A couple dresses for my little girl and some vintage pajamas for my brave Sir J for his birthday. 
I am starting to get back some energy in the second trimester without having to go to bed at 8:30, so that's good and I'm starting to get back into our normal schedule and routine with both school and housework. I'm not yet nesting, but just tired of things not getting done, and finally have the slightest energy to do them.
Pregnancy is such a strange and wonderful time and it's different every time, sometimes every day. Yet somehow there's something peaceful and calming about being able to at least dress in a comfortable outfit that you enjoy. I think sometimes I'm having a "bad" day because I haven't either had the time or taken the time to enjoy being me and expressing myself in some creative way.

What one wears is an easy way to do that. As someone who's always been a little different in how I dress and who enjoys anything remotely creative, how I dress can make a huge difference in my day. I don't propose that I am the best dressed or that anyone else may even like what I wear at all, but I do, and that's what counts. My husband has even said that my dressing differently is one thing he always found attractive about me. Confidence and liking how you look goes a long, long, way with how we behave and carry ourselves, and with how others perceive us.

What do you do to make yourself have a better day? Any tips on how to brighten up a dull day?

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