Monday, March 31, 2014

Apple A Day Dress

 This is one of the brightest dresses I think I've ever sewn for myself. When my husband first saw the material, he was actually a little shocked and said, "Wow, it's so bright." These pictures don't show just how bright the colors really are. It's a combination of the brightest red and a vivid chartreuse, and all with a faint design of flowers and tendrils in the background.
I made this during my last pregnancy, and only got the chance to wear it a couple of times, but I've always loved the brightness, the cheeriness, and slightly wackiness of the fabric. It's a printed quilting cotton, which I tend to use a lot for sewing, and I made a matching dress for my little girl at the time. I hope it still fits her, but if it's too short it can always be a summer top.
I used a vintage 1950s housedress mailorder pattern, Marian Martin 9052.  It's a simple design with a yoke with a sqare neckline and ruffled edging and flutter sleeves.

It has a ruffle on the bottom edge and was made to be worn either belted or loose, but loose it looks way too much like a muu muu, especially when worn as maternity wear. Not to mention I am losing my waist for a while, so I need all the belted help I can get right now. Also because it was never designed or made to be a maternity dress, it's totally acceptable to wear it after the baby's born. However, I didn't actually wear it after the last baby, mostly because I was ready to have a definitive waist again. Maybe I will wear it more this time, who knows? 

I've never been one to try to hide that I'm pregnant and I suppose I usually dress in a way that stands out just a little, but I have to admit this dress really stands out more than most of my maternity wear and I love it that way. After all, why let pregnancy go uncelebrated in your wardrobe? Why not let the joy of a new life growing inside be celebrated even in the way you dress that growing belly?

I don't like the whole wear tight t-shirts and jeans or yoga pants throughout your pregnancy look. I never have. But much prefer to wear quirky, bright, vintagey, clothing even while pregnant. I have noticed that others either seem to love or hate this look, but at a time when I feel awkward about my body, it makes me feel better to dress in a way that makes me happy and bright.

What do you think of bright quirky maternity wear? 


  1. Such a fun and lovely dress. Can see why you love it so much. Definitely think wear whatever you feel most comfortable in when pregnant

    1. Aw thank you, Kaitlyn! Some days it's just fun to wear something so bold and bright. Since this is my fourth pregnancy, things like comfort are way more important to me than trying to squeeze into pre-pregnancy clothing, lol. I also don't like a lot of waistbands on maternity pants and have liked them less with each pregnancy, so sewing has literally saved me during the last couple pregnancies.

  2. I feel much the same way about maternity clothes as you do. One of my favorite things was a 1950s Lucille Ball style top I made for myself. It was absolutely the most comfortable thing and I felt really cute in it, even when I was the size of a barn.

    1. I so need to sew up some summery maternity tops for this summer, but I'm entering the 3rd trimester, so who knows if that will happen, lol.
      I do not understand right or evening clothes while pregnant. Women of the past must've dh more sense than we give them credit for when it came to the comfort level of maternity wear.