Friday, March 28, 2014

A Little Red Belly

Simplicity 6061
I didn't realize how odd the title of this post is until just now, but I was thinking it was a play on the blues guitarist Lead Belly, lol.

A practical maternity pencil skirt for this spring. I made it from a black and white tweed and it's perfect for those not quite cold, but not really warm spring days we're having lately. 

One of the neatest features of this maternity skirt is the panel options. I chose the u-shaped belly option and it's actually very comfortable. I just cut up an old black t-shirt for the panel. The only thing is you can't tuck in a shirt, but really when you're pregnant you don't do that anyway. I chose this panel because I felt like the panel that went all the way around would be more likely to show under a top, too.  Interestingly I have some maternity patterns that are just a couple years earlier that have the same u-shaped hole cut out, but with nothing but a kind of "maternity belt" (what it's actually called on the patterns). I imagine this would be really cool and comfortable, especially when it's hot out and you're belly is gigantic, but I would never feel comfortable just letting it all hang out there, lol. 

I wore one of my favorite vintage brooches of Mary and her little lamb, because I've got a little lamb coming, and I can't resist anything cute and kitschy. 

It's amazing how a part of me still is in shock that I am pregnant again, but as the belly grows and grows it's getting harder to ignore.  

Outfit Details:
Blouse-Motherhood Maternity hand-me-down from a friend
Pencil skirt-Made by me
Brooch-Vintage purchase from eBay
Earrings-Vintage bakelite from Etsy

I love having pencil skirts to wear while pregnant. There so easy to dress up or down and keep you cool, although I doubt I'll be wearing this one this summer, so I may have to make one up in a neutral color and in a much lighter weight fabric. Which is fine with me because, well, I only have one pair of black maternity tights and hate wearing them, so I'm looking forward to never having to wear anything on my legs in the warmer weather. It's also a bit depressing that I can't wear any of my vintage stockings while pregnant, because I have no garter belt that will fit and no desire to try out a vintage maternity girdle at this point.

The days are growing longer and warmer and I'm hoping to tackle more separates as it heats up, but am also looking forward to sewing up more maternity dresses. They're just so easy to wear for a summer pregnancy.

What are you looking forward to wearing/sewing for the warmer weather?

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