Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing for Victory Maternity Style

Rochelle from Lucky Lucille is hosting another Sew for Victory sew along! And I am so excited!

You see, I missed out on the first one and wished I had done it ever since. I love 1940s fashions and I've sewn a few of my vintage 1940s patterns up, but the real reason I'm so excited is because I have some awesome vintage 40s maternity patterns that I've been dying to sew up.

You can use any vintage pattern from the 1940s to the early 1950s or reproduction and modern patterns that can adequately recreate a style from that era. Rochelle also has some links and coupon codes for savings on patterns that fit the sew along on her blog here.

I LOVE 1940s maternity wear! Not only are the designs often as stylish as the non-maternity fashions of the day, but they're usually made to be worn after you give birth as well. Everyone wears at least one item of maternity clothing even after they have the baby, but these are all designed to not look like maternity for afterwards. Wish modern maternity were so pretty and practical.

Here are some of my options and I may even use one for my Easter dress and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.
Simplicity 2459
I'm thinking I would like to have the sleeveless version of Simplicity 2459 made up for this summer, but it's still a little cool for that now and I don't think it's really special enough for an Easter dress. Maybe in a buttery yellow color with ric rac trim or a tiny plaid print in summery bright colors.

Simplicity 3453
Simplicity 3453 and the next two are the main front runners for Easter dress options and I really like the option of a matching jacket. This one however, would be better suited to a thinner material than the one I've selected, so though I definitely want to sew it up in something like a rayon slightly sheer fabric, it may have to wait until Easter is passed.

Simplicity 2302
Simplicity 2302 is a definite front runner, probably tied with the next one to be the Easter dress. I love again the jacket option provided, but don't know if I can squeeze out enough of the fabric to line it, but I would surely try if I use this pattern. My only reservation with this one is that my fabric has a small plaid pattern and I wonder how it would drape and hang in the skirt. What do you think?

Advance 5561
This is the only Advance pattern that I have that would work. I didn't realize I had such an affinity for Simplicity maternity patterns, but I've noticed a majority of my maternity patterns are Simplicity. Advance 5561 is a little later date than the other patterns, but I'm thinking would go maybe a little better with the fabric weight and pattern than the above.

Simplicity 4635
I've made Simplicity 4635 up twice during my last pregnancy, one sleeveless with ruffles and one with sleeves and piping instead of lace. I cannot say how much I love those dresses, and want so much to make one for this time in a cutesy cotton print I've got. Keep watching for that one. 

Simplicity 2303
Simplicity 2303 is not a dress, but instead a "materinity or hospital gown". I definitely would not want to wear anything this nice during or after labor in the hospital as giving birth can be a bit on the messy side, and I'd rather ruin the cheap hospital gowns provided than something of my own, especially one as pretty as the blue one. But I really, really, really, am tempted to make one just like the blue to wear at home.

Thhe material I will be using for my Easter dress is a pale pink and green plaid in a slightly thick synthetic, and yes, I've already got a hat to match it, so, we'll see what happens. 

These are all patterns which I would like to make sometime during this pregnancy, but I'd like you're opinion. Which would you choose?

Oh, and be sure and join the sew along, you have until April 30, 2014 to complete your sewing!


  1. I'm not doing Sew for Victory due to time restraints but I am really excited to see what everyone else is doing. All the dress options are lovely. But seeming you are working with plaid I would go for Simplicity 2302.

    1. That's most likely what I'm going to use. That is unless something else fabric-wise strikes my fancy before then. I had planned on sewing up something new for Easter anyway, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to participate in the sew along, too. I don't do well with time constraints and sewing though, so I guess we'll see what happens. ;)

  2. How wonderfully lovely that you're going to be creating maternity clothes for this year's Sew for Victory challenge. I can't help but love that fact that you'll probably be one of, if not "the", only person doing so (I always find myself drawn to situations where something is unique or nearly so like that).

    Happy sewing, sweet Sarah!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I really do LOVE 40s maternity, so this is just an excuse to get busy, lol. I might even get ambitious enough to sew up more than one thing, but I guess we'll see. I'm sure there were a lot of ladies sporting home sewn maternity clothes during WWII, and I enjoy the thought of representing them in Sew for Victory.
      I enjoy being different, too ;)