Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sugar Cookie Outfit

I thought this outfit kind of made me look like a sugar cookie with a little color sprinkled on it. I'm not sure how flattering it was on me, but I wore it anyway. 

I wore some gorgeous bakelite earrings. And why is it that some clip on earrings are perfectly comfortable to wear, while others feel like they are cutting a hole through your ear lobe? These thankfully fall into the former and not the latter category.

This outfit needed color desperately, so I added a brown suede belt with lots of colorfully embroidered flowers on it.

 I added colorful bakelite bangles to try and break up the monotony.

 I did a lazy roll with ponytail, because, well somedays are just too hectic for much more. I love the peter pan collar on this dress, by the way.

I also wore a little vintage brooch of two little Russian nesting dolls, but didn't get a picture (Augh!!), and brown tights and shoes (No picture of them either, double augh!!).

I didn't think this outfit looked so blah until I saw it in the photos. So, I'm not sure it worked or not, but I like have a plain simple dress to change with color and accessories. I may avoid this particular outfit again, but the dress will definitely be worn again.

Outfit details:
Dress-vintage purchase from eBay
earrings-vintage from eBay
Belt-bought ages ago when I was going through a slight hippy-ish phase

Do you have outfits or colors that can look blah on you? How do you dress them up so they work for you?

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