Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Dressing: Outfit #1

I wouldn't say we have a lot of social obligations by a long shot, but just like many of you, we do get invited to a few gatherings during the Christmas season throughout late November and December. It gives a vintage loving gal an opportunity to put on some really fun outfits.

I apologize in advance that this is going to be such a short on pictures post, but we were in a hurry getting everyone ready and I quickly took a couple pictures before I even had my makeup and hair done.
Vintage brooch I wore. I thought it kind of went with the design in the skirt.
My love for circle skirts I have expressed in previous outfit posts, but this skirt is extra special. First of all it's a quilted circle skirt, and I don't think there's much else in the world to compare with the luxuriant warmth and glamour one feels while wearing a quilted circle skirt. It has to be one of the best winter wardrobe items for every vintage wardrobe. I purchased mine on eBay several months ago for about thirty dollars, which is a crazy steal. I couldn't wait for it to get cold enough to wear it!

Pattern design on the skirt. It's black and gold with a little metallic sheen to it. 
There was only one issue with the skirt when I got it in the mail. It was in near perfect condition, even the belt, but it was about four inches too small! I did know that when I bought it, but it was such a good deal, and I knew there were some reasons why my waist was bigger than I wanted it to be. 
You see, after our third child was born (our second son) I was diagnosed with diastasis recti which had led to a hernia. Diastasis recti is where the abdominal muscles are torn apart, as often happens during pregnancy, only they don't heal and go back together after pregnancy. It can happen to anyone, even with your first child and often leads to hernias. This condition also becomes worse if you do normal abdominal exercises; i.e. crunches, sit ups, planking, etc. 
My biggest problem was that I wasn't diagnosed with diastasis recti until I had a hernia, and had been doing lots of ab exercises because I didn't seem to be getting any smaller in my waist no matter what I did or how much weight I lost. When I went in to a doctor, I was told I had a gap between my muscles of four to five fingers width. That means you could put the width of a whole hand flattened between my muscles. (I'm sorry to be so gross.) 
I wanted to avoid surgery if possible at all costs. First of all, there was no guarantee that either surgery for either problem could permanently fix anything. Secondly, both surgeries could be undone should we ever have more children. Thirdly, who wants to have surgery?!? So, physical therapy, and knowing what exercises not to do anymore, and now four almost three months later my gap is down to 2 1/2 finger widths and my waist is almost four inches smaller! And now this amazing skirt fits! 

Outfit details
Shirt: black turtleneck given to me by my mother-in-law for Christmas four years ago
Skirt: vintage quilted circle skirt purchased off eBay
Black tights purchased who knows where a few years ago.
I wore gold tone shoes with it, but forgot to take a picture of them.

Do you ever buy vintage that's not quite your size?


  1. Incredible job, honey. I really admire your approach to tackling this condition. Though I've gone under the knife many times (due to various conditions), I will also usually try any reasonable measure I can beforehand to avoid what may ultimately prove to be unnecessary surgery (especially after I was pressured into having a procedure a few years ago by a doctor that I regretted before it had even happened - that, I hope, will be a once in a lifetime experience).

    You look absolutely gorgeous and just as festive as can be!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you. The main thing that bothers me about either surgery is that neither may work. I've had a couple surgeries before, but nothing that would be this invasive. I think I worry more about not being able to take care of my kids properly while recovering, and I don't really have anyone who could help.
    You have no idea how much an encouragement you are, and your strength and attitude are beautiful to see. I am praying for you.