Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Shopping Date: A Head to Toe Look

My husband and I don't get to have a "date" very often, but at least once this time of year we do go on a shopping date to get the kids some presents for Christmas. And anytime we do get to spend together is a great opportunity to enjoy just being together and a chance for me to dress nicely for my husband.  I love it when he's excited about the way I look, and he liked this outfit, so it will definitely go into rotation in my wardrobe.
I apologize in advance for the different lighting. I had to take some of the pictures before we left and some after we came home. I tried to even the lighting out a bit afterwards, but it's still noticeable.

A roll on top and red lips.
 My husband loves my hair mostly down, so this was an easy way to keep the hair down and still a little fancier than usual. 
I added my confetti lucite earrings for some fun and sparkle.
 A red top and my new gathered skirt. It's a kind of charcoal and brown color. 
I made the skirt from two yards of a thick woven material in a greyish brown color. I simply cut off a couple strips from the end of the yardage for a wide waistband and sewed the two rectangles left together. Then gathered the skirt on top and sewed the waistband to it with topstitching. I made the waistband a little larger than my actual waist so that when I buttoned it closed the opening in the skirt would be covered in the gathers and I wouldn't need a zipper (hooray!). I think it makes a very versatile vintagey skirt.
Full view of skirt.
Waistband detail and a simple button closure, and no zippers! I do need to straighten it out a bit though.
Vintage brooch 
Gloves, hat, and a bracelet added. I love the dramatic effect of longer gloves.  They're also a great way to keep warm when your sleeves are shorter. 
Vintage silver feather bracelet
Best hat ever.
Closer look at hat detail
Add a coat with some fur, and voila, vintage glamour!
My husband is so sweet, he said I looked like a movie star from the forties.
End with my favorite red Baker's shoes. Cute and practical enough for lots of shopping. 
I had the opportunity to wear a new skirt I made and the coolest hat I own. Part of the fun of going out with my husband is definitely getting to wear some of your favorite pretties. Even though we've been "dating" one another since we were seventeen, been married ten years, and have three kids, we still just have the most fun being together no matter where we go or what we're doing.

What do you like most about getting all dolled up?


  1. Hi! I have just discovered your blog via a comment on I am a homeschooled teenager and I am currently switching out my wardrobe for 40s and 50s style clothes. I am loving your blog and outfits. :)
    God bless

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm just starting out homeschooling my kids, lol. I have always loved vintage clothes, but am slowly getting to a fuller vintage wardrobe mostly by sewing from vintage patterns. I hope you have fun with it.
      Love in Christ!