Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Casual Vintage Separates? Yes, Please!

Well, I finally finished sewing the corduroy skirt first mentioned here, and paired it with a knit top I sewed up in an afternoon. Both had been sitting almost finished for a couple weeks, but that's how it goes in our house. Sometimes I feel as though I get a lot done, and other times as if almost nothing is accomplished. Ah, the life of a mom. But I digress, the main point is that they are both finished, kind of, and I have some vintage-esque clothes for daily wear this winter. 

I'm pretty pleased with them, but will be tweaking the skirt a little. I didn't do the topstitching along the front pleat, because I was afraid it might make them look like culottes, but I realized very soon after wearing it that it needs that stitching to keep the skirt front from pulling further and further out, making my bottom half look wider than necessary (I need no help in this area, lol). So, I will be going back and stitching that down before I wear it again. 

See, a little too flared, and it loses the whole point of putting in a pleat to begin with. *sigh*
But, can I just say, I LOVE THE POCKETS on this skirt! I have always loved shaped pockets on vintage garments, but had no idea how easy they are to add to a garment. Hmm, I may have to rethink some other vintage skirt patterns that I have. And of course the advantage to pockets on any garment is so obvious, so another plus in this skirt's favor. 
I also used two vintage round matching buttons for the skirt that I inherited from my grandma. (I will have to do a future post about the amazing sewing treasure trove that I inherited from my Grandma recently and quite unexpectedly.) In reality they perfectly match the color of the corduroy, but with the camera
flash's glare they look odd, sorry.

I used a metal zipper just because I wanted to be sure it was sturdy enough for lots of wear and strong enough to use with the thicker corduroy. I also sewed one hook and eye at the top of the waistband above the zipper, but will have change the placement of it, so it's not so noticeable, and so it's a little bit more fitted. 
My first handpicked zipper, but it will surely not be the last.
I used a vintage blouse pattern for the top, and for my first time trying this pattern, I cut up an old jersey knit maxi dress that I wore as maternity wear. But because I didn't wear it often, I'm not currently pregnant,and it was cheap when I got it, I decided it was time that it be repurposed into something that I would actually wear. 

The jersey made it super comfy, and the pattern only uses three main pieces and a facing for the collar. I left off the collar due to lack of fabric and shortened the sleeves, but basically follows the pattern.
The front and sleeves are actually one piece cut on the fold, and that's why
 I couldn't make the sleeves as long as I would've liked.

The jersey made it super comfy, and the pattern only uses three main pieces and a facing for the collar. I left off the collar due to lack of fabric and shortened the sleeves, but basically follows the pattern. I didn't have enough of the striped to make it quite as long-sleeved, so I will definitely be making this again hopefully with the full sleeve length. The full sleeve length calls for darts to shape the lower sleeve, and I'd like to see how that looks finished.  I have some thick knit in a creamy ivory color, hmm, sounds cozy to me. Oh, and maybe the one with a little collar or the one with a dickey. 
I paired it with some red heels, stockings, a chunky bone and gold (both fake, I'm sure) bracelet, and a light blue braided belt that I thrifted.

I also wore a vintage pair of pearl earrings given to me by my grandma. When I was getting married, she asked me if I had any pearls, when I said no, she went to her dresser and gave me a small old jewelry box with a single strand of pearls and matching earrings. She said it would be a gift to me, because every bride should have a string of pearls to wear.

I also wore a brooch that was given to me by my other grandma when I was a kid, and had found it at her house. It did have a feaux pearl dangling from the center point of the heart, but it fell off  somewhere, after a baby on my lap had been playing with it at church. I don't think I'll ever find the pearl, but I will be looking for a way to attach another pearl. Lesson learned, only wear very sturdy brooches to church, because wiggling babes on my lap will inevitably play with them.

Please excuse the homeschool stuff on the shelf behind me. My it looks untidy! Note to self: reorganize that shelf.
The high temperature this day was 33 degrees (Farenheit)! Never fear though, because I wore a warm coat with a fur collar and vintage off-white leather gloves when we left the house. 

I adore the little bows at the wrists <3
And can I say how glamorous a good coat, nice gloves, and fur can make you feel even if the clothes underneath are extremely casual. I'm pretty sure the collar is fake fur, but still it keeps you so warm, and is so soft against my cheeks. Mmmm. I know why women used to covet fur coats, now.
Overall, I like this outfit, and I really like the separate pieces. With a little tweaking, I can see these both will get a lot of wear, and hopefully more versions will be made.

It's not the most incredible thing I've ever sewn, but both pieces are meant to be basic everyday clothes that will survive diapers and cooking and scrubbing. I think it that way they were a success.

Shirt: made by me
Skirt: made by me
Belt: thrifted
Bracelet: Catos, I think, ages ago
Earrings: heirloom from paternal Grandma
Brooch: heirloom from maternal Grandma
Shoes: Bakers, so sorry I didn't get a picture!
Seamed Stockings: eBay, vintage
Coat: by Steve Madden, a gift from my husband
Gloves: vintage from a local antique mall

What do you like in your vintage casual clothing? 

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