Monday, November 18, 2013

My Favorite Vintage Sweater

It's been a fearfully long time since I've done an outfit post, and since I don't have anything new that I've sewed for myself to show you, I thought I'd show you what I wore to church this past Sunday.
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The dress is a cap-sleeved kelly green with a white flower print that I got on eBay along with a matching blue dress with a slightly different flower print for $10.95, and they were new with tags. I'm not exactly sure how old they are, but I thought the style was reminiscent of a simple 40s dress.  
Here is a view of the top without the sweater. It has a square neckline with gathers at the sides and cap sleeves. The buttons are purely decorative, and now that I look at the picture, I realize that the flowers almost look like snowflakes. However, instead of snowflakes today we had a cold rain. I love the comfort of the tie belt of this dress as well as the fact that it is easy to wash and iron.

The sweater I wore with it is one that I bought more than ten years ago at a local antique mall. I wore it all through college. It's been paired with jeans, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, went to funerals and just about everywhere. 
Aaugh! Sorry, this picture is a mirror image.
I'm not really sure of it's age, but it has three tags inside. One says "Made in Austria", the next says "38" and the last tag says "Bullocks & Wilshire". I would love to know exactly how old it is, so if anyone out there has any definite knowledge about it, please share it with me. 

Just realized that the way I have my hands on my waist made the crochet stretch out a little, but it actually does fit me. 

It is a black crocheted sweater with orange and green around the collar and multi-colored popcorn crocheted in almost a heart shape on the front.

The buttons are spherical, hand-carved, wood with flowers carved on the top and painted red. There are also dots carved on the sides of the buttons that have been painted green and yellow.
I also tried what I think could be a late 1930s, early 1940s, hairstyle. I have naturally curly hair, and on rainy days, it's better to go with it than try to change it. So, I just used a couple of plastic combs and pushed a little volume forward on each side. I'm not sure how flattering the style is on me, because I have a large forehead, but it's insanely simple and a great way to combat the frizz of my hair on a wet day. I'm going to have to look up easy 1940s hairstyles for people with large foreheads, lol.

Oh, and I wore my new Red Apple lipstick for the first time. This is their true Red. I've tried other reds before, but always felt the tone looked a little clownish, and so I gravitate towards more pinky reds. However, I really like this red on me, my only qualm is that it doesn't last as long as others. But it feels so wonderfully hydrating and is organic and gluten-free, so I will keep on wearing it.

I absolutely love bright colors and this sweater has the black background to make it basic enough to pair with several outfits, yet pops of color in a flattering way. It's quirky enough for me, and yet doesn't shout weird, I think. I will probably wear and repair it until it falls apart, but I think whoever handmade it would be glad to know it's lasted so well, and will be loved and taken care of for a while to come.

Do you have a favorite vintage piece that never grows old to you? 

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