Monday, October 7, 2013

What to Do Next?

 Well, I finished my second circle skirt, and actually wore it to church yesterday(I will post on it later, as I didn't get any pictures). Man, those things are addictive! I'm already considering making a corduroy! But that's partially why I'm posting about it here, because I'm not sure that's what I want to do with the corduroy.
A really soft caramel corduroy. *Sigh* It seems so cuddly, and I like it so much that
I can't make up my mind what to make.
This corduroy was purchased while I was pregnant with my first son, and had been intended to be made into a vintage 1970s maternity jumper pattern. I actually made almost my entire maternity wardrobe from vintage patterns for this pregnancy, but somehow never got around to this one. So, the fall after he was born I had intended to make it into this mail order pattern, however, before I could get to it, I found out I was pregnant again. As we've lost two babies and had struggled with infertility in the past (we'd even been told we were miscarrying our first son by our fertility doctor early on), this was a most welcome blessing, but this skirt took a backseat to more maternity sewing, and again I made almost my entire maternity wardrobe from vintage patterns (summery this time). 

I've had this pattern for a while, and especially after my post on the cowgirl style of Dale Evans, I'm newly excited about making version A (the light colored one with the button pockets).
 Couldn't you just see Dale Evans wearing this?

But now that I've fallen so hard for circle skirts, I want a more cold weather appropriate version, and corduroy seems the obvious choice, but....Aghh! I can't decide!

I've been buying an extremely limited amount of fabric for the last year,  only buying some swimsuit material for my daughter at the beginning of summer and yesterday I bought some fabric for specific projects. I have an unbelievably huge stash and REALLY need to use it before buying any more. 
This is my trusty circle skirt pattern. Yes, I could do it without a pattern, but am too lazy to do the math. :P

This is where you come in. I can't promise I'll take your advice (I'm notoriously fickle), but would love your input on which I should make. 

So, please comment below which you'd make if given the chance?


  1. Circle skirts, lots and lots and lots of marvelous, girly, completely charming circle skirts. I've always adored them, but I've had a resuragance of interest in them this year spurred on by my hunt to find a 1950s novelty print or hand painted one depicting Italian scenes (of just about anything, so long as it's Italian in nature). My dear husband is a native son, and I think that wearing one would be such a terrific way to honour his culture, and one that I get the joy of being a part of by marriage. No dice yet (I've lost both of the auctions for the couple that I have seen to those with deeper pockets), but the hunt continues.

    I love circle skirts with all kinds of patterns though of course, that's just the one that I'm most on the prowl for at the moment, so these fun 50s style garments are what I'd be really tempted to keep making, too.

    Can't wait to see snaps of your second one!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I LOVE circle skirts, too! I have only made two so far, but have worn ones I've bought like crazy. I'm not sure why it took me so long to make my own, lol. The only fear I have with making a corduroy circle skirt is the fear that it will be too bulky or drape oddly, so, I'm actually leaning towards the skirt with the shaped pockets. Plus, I'm thinking it looks just like something Dale Evans would've worn, and I'm having fun dreaming up western inspired blouses to make to wear with it. But never fear, I will be making many more circle skirts. I want to eventually make a quilted one and next up I'm planning to make some for my daughter. She's asked for a yellow one with a rainbow and clouds on it. That's my girl <3
    I will definitely let you know if I ever see one with Italian scenes. That's such a sweet and unique way to honor your husband and his heritage. I hope you find one, or at least material for one to be sewn :)
    Oh, and I have a post scheduled for the second skirt, and it was totally inspired by you. I hope you like it!