Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Almost, But Not Quite Shirt

So, we went on a little vacation last week and I thought it would present the perfect opportunity for me to wear a new blouse I had been working on. The only problem was it's going to need more work. *sigh*

I used this vintage blouse pattern and some vintage fabric I'd gotten for a dollar, but only after cutting out and sewing up part of it, did I realize that one of the facing pieces and the sleeve pieces were missing. Thankfully I found another pattern I had that's sleeves were almost identical and I was able to draft the facings.
I'm making the version in the middle in a plaid, but want to make the drawstring version as well.
Then I sewed and sewed and sewed to try to finish it before we left. It was almost done, and then I tried it on. The pocket, even though I put it where the pattern said to isn't centered, but too close to the left sleeve. So, that will have to be taken off and repositioned. I think I will also let out the hem a little as I'm long waisted and put in side vents. There is still some hand sewing to do, but there was no way I could get it done in time. Hopefully I can finish it this week, but there's nothing more annoying than being so excited to wear something new and finding such silly mistakes.

So, do you ever do rush sewing for an event or trip? How do you keep from getting in too big a hurry and having to unpick stitches?


  1. What a lovely, classic plaid fabric. I just adore the vibrancy of the blue in it. Autumn calls for an extra dose of plaid, if you ask me, and I've been sporting it a lot lately, myself, too (including a cute 1950s plaid vest that I'm finally going to get up on the blog at long last this year - I've been meaning to for ages!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I so want a 50s fitted vest! I bought a bundle of patterns once that had a picture of a pattern for a fitted vest, skirt, and blouse. Unfortunately when I received the patterns in the mail, it was only an empty sleeve for that pattern. Can't wait to see yours! The blouse is finished, but I may end up shortening the shoulder length a little to get a better fit. If I can get a break from sewing Peter Pan and Wendy that is ;)