Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Almost But Not Quite Shirt, Now Is!

Super posing. 
Yup, it's finished, and I actually wore it all day. It's really comfy, but I will have to tweak it a little. I'm for sure moving the pocket towards the button placket. I followed the placement on the pattern piece, but seriously it's weird. I also need to put little vents at the bottom of the side seams. It won't matter if I tuck in the shirt, but I want to have options, plus I'm normally untucked when I wear jeans, and right now, 'cause I'm shaped like a pear, the bottom can get this little gap in the front under the bottom most button.
Yes, it needs ironing, but the point of this picture is, How weird is that pocket placement? I'm tempted to take it off and leave it off. What do you think?

This is the pattern I used for the main parts of the blouse.
Like always if I make another, which I hope I will, there will be some changes. I will change the shoulders. The pattern doesn't call for shoulder pads, but apparently my shoulders are narrower than the pattern's normal shoulder width. So next time I will shorten that. However, I am not unpicking the sleeves and changing this one. Besides it being a lot of trouble, I don't think they are that bad, and well, I didn't mean for this to be a fancy shirt, but just something basic for wearing at home or to look a little nicer when I run errands. It fulfills that already.

Ugh! I hate that little gap at the bottom. 
I only wore it to the grocery store and around the house, but my husband complimented me on it, and said he like it and that I should make more. I like it when he likes what I make <3

Check out these mad plaid matching skills across the button placket. Oh yeah.
It would've looked nicer if I had ironed it, but I have a chronic allergy to ironing, and only do it when absolutely necessary; i.e. for church, date nights, weddings, and funerals. Although I reserve the right to get away without doing it for these occasions whenever and wherever possible. I was also super excited to go ahead and wear it already.
I had to use the sleeve pattern from this Simplicity dress pattern, but thank God it worked. 
If you'd like to read the *ahem* missteps I took while making it to begin with, go here. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my new shirt, and as soon as crazy sewing for kids is over, I want to make more blouses and shirts, because that's an area I've not done as much sewing in, oh, and I want to sew some wide leg pants, too. Oh, oh, or maybe even some vintagey overalls! There's just too much awesome sewing to do, and way too little time to do it in.

Meanwhile, what basics are you adding to your wardrobe this fall? 


  1. Great new plaid shirt - is there any better laid back pattern for the chilly months? I really don't think. A new (technically old :)) plaid shirt to add to my little collection was something that I was hoping to find in Calgary, and about half way through our trip, I did just that. I got a great 1950s (or very early 60s at the latest) short sleeve plaid top in shades of blue, purple, green, mustard and cranberry that is going to see a lot of wear under cardigans now and as a stand alone piece when the mercury soars again.

    Slightly OT, but I love your hair! I would give my favourite vintage dress in a heartbeat to have gorgeous hair like yours.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I would love to find a vintage plaid shirt! Thank you for the compliment on my hair. My husband has always liked my hair, and I've come to terms with it, but as a teenager I woke up at 5:30 every morning to straighten it with a flatiron. I suppose we're never satisfied with what we're given, but I
    can say I've never dyed it, and have
    no plans to do so. I try to work with
    it most of the time. True beauty is
    more than hair though, and for lasting beauty who must cultivate who we are in spirit and within. I love it when I meet an older lady who is simply glowing from within.
    Your comments always brighten my day!