Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Sewing!

 Ok, so my daughter has a birthday coming up in about a month, and I have tried to make her a special dress/outfit every year. I do a lot of sewing for her everyday clothes, but this is an opportunity for her to have something fancy or for dressing up. This year she wanted a dress like Wendy wears in the Disney version of Peter Pan, and I was overjoyed, because I've had this pattern from Sense & Sensibility for a long time. I've wanted to make it, but had been held back probably a little out of fear, and a little because I didn't want to take so much time to make it and then she not wear it. However, now that she's totally into it, I'm fairly sure she will want to wear it.

This blue chiffon(?) is exactly the right color in person, though not in this picture....hmmm. I'm planning on lining it with the same shade of blue from a cotton sheet set someone gave me a while ago. (Do people give you sheets, cutains, and clothes, etc, once they find out you sew a lot?) I know it's completely impractical for her birthday as it's in November, but it's a birthday gift, so impractical is okay. Plus, my mom made her a deep purple colored fleece, full length, fully lined cloak last year that would go perfectly with it. I'm getting excited just thinking about my little princess in it!

She's also a big fan of Pride & Prejudice (the BBC 1995 version, as if there were another real version), and we've both daydreamed about wearing those dresses. Now I have the perfect excuse to make myself a Regency gown! Should we both have blue chiffon?

Of course my two year old was overhearing all this and promptly put in his order for a Peter Pan costume. Fortunately my mom had a pattern for one in his size. She buys tons of costume patterns anytime they are on sale at our local Hancock Fabric. They are often $15 or more regularly, and on sale can be $1.99 or $0.99! Costumes are a great way to make dress up clothes for kids, and my mother-in-law buys Halloween costumes when they're marked down afterwards for dress up clothes. Yes, we have quite the collection for playing dress up.

So, I'll be making him a green tunic and matching hat out of green felt.

Maybe this would be a good time to make myself an Edwardian gown like their mother wears and a faded red footy pajamas for the baby? Oh, and do you think I could convince my husband to dress in tails and a top hat like the father?

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