Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Outfit Post!

Today was a very, very, very wet day here. I have naturally curly hair, so on days like these, I definitely go with what God gave me and wear it curly. It's also a Sunday, which for us means hurrying the kids and everyone to eat and get ready in the morning. So, unless I have set my hair the night before, it's going to be curly and hopefully dry by the time we get to church. ;)
Tried one smiling picture....
And one not smiling....
I bought this dress recently on eBay for............ $5.99!!!!! It's a vintage either late 50s or early 60s (I'm dating it based on similiar styles in my vintage sewing pattern collection which I just realized deserves some posts in the future), and fits me like I made it for me. It has a cute little peter pan collar and dainty little crocheted scalloped lace to edge the button placket down the front and around the collar. It also came with the original belt, too, which is a big bonus for me as I don't own a lot of belts. (I will probably pair it with a red belt as soon as I find one I like.) And, the dress hits me right below the knee, which I think is a great length for me.
Can you see the tiny pine cone inside?
And the brooch, with it's own tiny pine cones within. 
I wore it with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings (I don't have my ears pierced, I don't like pain, lol) with matching brooch. This being the Sunday before Labor Day here in the U.S. and all, I thought it fitting to wear them as it signifies cooler weather and fall coming. They have real tiny pine cones in them! *squeal* I've already posted a little about my taste in quirky jewelry and this applies here. I purchased them as a set from an Etsy seller named MyWanderingEye.

I also wore a pair of brown heels that I've had forever (purchased over ten years ago at Burlington Coat Factory, and yes, the name is misleading). They are a brown suede with rounded toes and suede ribbon detailing on the tops. Because the heels are only about two inches high and the toes are rounded, they are actually some of the most comfortable heels I've ever had, but they look a little dressier then a wedge or chunky heel.
Weird pucker-face to show the lipstick color! Ha! 
I'm also wearing Red Apple lipstick in Rebel!. If you have sensitive skin, a gluten allergy, or just don't want to put parabens or piles of unnatural chemicals on your mouth, then you should definitely try them. They have the best natural/organic lipstick I've ever tried, and they have great deals and sales all the time (you chould check out their trade in your old lipstick for one of theirs deal). And no, they didn't give me anything for saying this. They don't even know I'm saying it, ha, ha.
Didn't want to look at the camera, because I feel a little silly.
My glasses are a bright pink plastic frames with metal pink sides that have a subtle zebra print on them. I know zebra print and subtle seem like an oxymoron, but they're really not noticeable unless you see them up close and in the right lighting. They are by Elizabeth Arden.

Sundays seemed like a natural time to do an outfit post, as I am a.) dressed up more than usual, b.) have on makeup, c.) fixed my hair, and d.) we're kinda laid back around here on Sunday afternoons, so I'm more likely to be able to take pictures myself without interruption. It also gave me a chance to have a cup of green tea (Bigelow Constant Comment is my current favorite tea) and sit down for a while, ignoring the dishes piling up in the sink. Eventually, I hope to get Mister to take some on Sundays.

I took the pictures in my kitchen while the Itty Bitty Baby Boy (and Mister, tee hee) were napping. The other two were watching a video and playing with blocks in the living room. So, you may see some of our children's artwork or homeschooling stuff on the walls, but that just gives our home that lived-in feeling, right?

I really love this dress, and will definitely be wearing it a lot, just not when we're eating spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, salsa, etc. I seem to attract anything being spilled or even just eaten around me. I'm like a magnet for anything that leave a stain!

I don't usually go for lighter colors, because they can wash me out being pale and all, but I think this looks okay. It's 100% cotton and so comfy! I also like that I feel covered in it, which is a necessity for a mommy with three little kids who could pull and tug things down or up.  I've already gotten some ideas on how to style it differently, so you may see it again one day. ;)

I'm not really used to doing outfit posts per se, so please let me know what you think. Did I show the outfit enough? Could you see all/most of the details? Any tips or ideas for better pictures in the future?

*Ack! I just realized I didn't take a picture of the shoes! Well, you'll just have to use your imagination this time, and hopefully they'll show up again...


  1. My very dear gal, you look (and are) so marvelous pretty! I love your sweet 1950s dress - those wee scalloped edges are a delightful touch, and one can scarcely beat the incredibly bargain you found it for.

    I love having a (gorgeous) face to put to a name now, and so look forward to future outfits posts from you.

    Happy Labour Day & start of September!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aw, thank you for your kind words. I still can't believe the deal I got on the dress either. You just never know with ebay. I guess it was just meant to be this time. I'm hoping to do at least one outfit post per week, but we'll see, lol. I'm not really good at remembering to take pictures or to have them taken until it's too late to do it. Hope y'all are enjoying nice weather on your trip.