Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Outfit Post: 3 of a Kind

Another Sunday, another part of my meagre vintage collection gets an outing. This time it's a purple vintage dress from the 80s that could kind of pass for late 40s or 50s. 

I was still getting over a cold when these pictures were taken, so they're definitely not perfect, and somehow I forgot to get an actual full body shot. (Who does an outfit post without a full shot of the outfit? Obviously me.) I'm blaming it on the fact that mucous was clogging my brain. 

My 3 little ducks brooch. I have 3 kids, so this kind of stuff really appeals to me right now (I also have a 3 little chicks brooch and a 3 little bluebirds brooch). What would happen if we had a fourth child? I would still wear the brooch, but I guess I'd be on the lookout for things with four. What if we should have even more...? Hmm. Dozen eggs brooch?

My 3 little babes necklace. I really wasn't in the mood for lots of accessorizing, but I did wear one of my favorite necklaces. My husband got me this after the birth of our daughter (with only the little girl pendant then), and has added to it after each son. I really enjoy wearing it, but it doesn't get worn often because little hands tend to pull a bit too hard for the gold chain. However, this dress hides it a little more, so actually no hands saw it enough to be tempted to pull on it!

The 3 features that made me want to bid for this dress on eBay in the first place.

I see a lot of dresses on eBay that I like and that would fit me, but for budget reasons and practicality, I have to be selective. (I'd go crazy on there though if I had the money!) So, something has to really strike my fancy, fill a wardrobe void, and be so affordable (*ahem* cheap) that I cannot pass it up. How could anyone not be in need of more shirtdresses? And because this is an 80s version, it was very cheap (I don't remember the exact amount, but under $10). When I saw the cute collar, tucks, and cuffed sleeves on this dress, I couldn't say no. Should you ever say no to cuffed sleeves or tucks or smart collars? Those three things, and I was sold, even though it was in a color I don't usually prefer.

I have a search for 1950s dresses saved to my eBay account, which means they will send me periodic emails showing me new results that match my saved searches. If you didn't know this was a feature and you're looking for anything specific, especially on a regular basis, you really should use this. It just saves so much time. It's under the advanced search tab button thingy (how'd ya like that for technical terminology?). I don't know if there's a limit to how many searches you can have at one time. I currently only have two saved.

The 3 bonuses to love with this dress. 

Shiny, skinny, patent fake leather belt in white? Yes please. I seriously don't have enough belts, and this will go with so many other things. I realize it's not very autumnish, but it's still warm here, and it went so perfectly with this dress that I couldn't refuse it. Why is it a bonus? Because I got this with another eBay purchase as a bonus. I had ordered two vintage sundresses (They were under $10 each, too, hee, hee.) from this one seller, and they threw in the belt for free! Yay!

Button bonus round for $500, Alex. Even with zoom on the pictures of this dress on eBay, I couldn't see the detail of the buttons. I knew they were white with silver around them, but I actually thought the silvery or grey in the middle was thread. It's not, and I wish I had gotten a better close up for you here. It's actually a 3D little silver bow on each. How cute is that?

The third bonus? Pockets!!!! I could kick myself every time I've sewn a dress or skirt and not added pockets, and seriously no one should make skirts or dresses without them, in my opinion. (I should've used them on my wedding dress, too.) Pockets. Pockets. Pockets. Has there been a greater invention in clothing outside of buttons or zippers?

As you may have noticed these were all headless pictures in this post, but that was due to my cold. However, I will consent to one very small shot of my face in black and white (so as not to gross y'all out or anything). Baggy eyes, red eyes, red nose, red upper lip, and obligatory mouth breathing. Thank God this cold is leaving! (I say this as my husband now coughs in bed. Poor, poor, thing!)

Hope you're in better health, and may all your skirts or dresses have pockets!

What do you look for when purchasing clothes on eBay?

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