Saturday, September 14, 2013

American Duchess Shoe Giveaway!!!!

Free shoes? Okay, who doesn't love the sound of that? Add to it free American Duchess shoes, and it's almost too good to be true! American Duchess is hosting a giveaway in honor of the new release of their 1930s style "Claremont" shoes!
I so want these shoes!!!

When I was in college I worked at a high end shoe store. Think no shoes for under $100, unless on clearance, and even then they were pricey. It was a good job for a couple of reasons. First, I earned a commission, so higher priced shoes were great. The other good point was that as an employee, I received a good discount, and the owner of said shop also let us buy shoes against our paychecks and hold back really good ones for ourselves. Obviously, that is if you knew how many shoes I own, this job couldn't last forever, because I ended up spending my paychecks all the time.

However, I got some really great shoes at the time. Most of which I not only still own, but many are still my favorites. I found out that buying high quality shoes is ALWAYS better. I know, I know, I'm cheap to a fault, but I did learn that I would rather save up for good shoes than own 100 pairs of mediocre cheap shoes. That said, I have bought cheap shoes since, out of neccessity usually, but am disappointed by them each time. American Duchess shoes are a bit expensive, but I challenge you to look at their website and how they are made to see why they are worth it. Besides, where else can you get historically accurate shoes to live out your fantasy of being Elizabeth Bennett?

Are these the perfect shoes for fall and winter or what? And they come in black or brown.
I first heard about American Duchess shoes through the historical costuming blog community. Although I have never been blessed to buy a pair, I've longed and hoped for the time that money wouldn't be so tight at our house and I could start saving for a pair. And I've read numerous reviews of them about their superiority and historical accuracy. I realize I probably won't win, but somebody will, and that prospect is exciting to me!

The giveaway is for either a free pair of their new Claremont shoes or for a $135 gift card to spend as you please. Check out American Duchess's entire selection here. The giveaway ends Monday, September 16, 2013, and I am entering for the chance to win the shoes of my dreams (seriously, I'd take any or all of them)! Won't you enter, too?

So, go! Go, here and enter for your chance to win some amazing shoes! 

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