Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall For Cotton Project Finished!

 I finished the blouse I was making for Fall for Cotton! I wish I had time for another project before the end of this sew along, but alas, there won't be enough time for anything else, at least for anything that I can post. I would also like to make the other versions of this blouse, and possibly another of this version, but I will try to steer her towards some more practical solids. 

It really came together pretty easily, even the buttons holes are okay. (I hate making button holes, must use bound buttonholes next time!)

The front.
The back.
I know I could've made something so much more glamorous or fabulous, but my little girl thinks this shirt is all that and more. Plus, I finished my first sew along on time! Yay! Now I'm not afraid to join another sew along. you know of any sew alongs coming up?

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