Friday, February 21, 2014

Why Mess With a Good Thing?

 My second son was born at the end of August and my due date this time is only three days earlier than his birthday. So, I will definitely be able to wear all the cute summer dresses I sewed last time.

Some of those dresses I love so much I literally almost wore them out, seriously some of the cotton is looking worn and faded in places on a couple of them.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite vintage summer maternity patterns that I hope to remake this time.

Simplicity 1766
This first one I only made on version of and I wish I had made more, because it was really only a wearable muslin made out of really cheap cotton print. I made the dress and tie and really wore it a lot, because I was still nursing my second child through part of my third child's pregnancy, and this one could unbutton for easy access. 

This time I plan on making it from a little nicer cotton print or maybe a plain. I'm kind of afraid of using a solid as I don't want it to remotely resemble a hospital gown. My favorite features on this are the giant pockets with button details and the fact that you can wear this after you have the baby as well. Seriously, our grandmothers were way smarter than we give them credit. How many maternity clothes today can ever be worn after you have the baby without making you look pregnant?

Simplicity 4635
What's not to love about this vintage 1940s maternity pattern? It's made to be worn during and after pregnancy, uses a crazy small amount of material especially for a maternity dress, and is super flattering even when you're huge. 

I made both versions of this one. The ruffled one out of a rayonish blue and purple flower print and the other sleeved version out of a vintage green and white polka-dot rayon with white piping instead of the lace inset. The sleeveless version is still in relatively good shape, but the one I used vintage fabric for has a bad tear on the back, mostly due to the fact that the fabric was old and fragile. So, it will need repairs, but I loved these dresses so much that I want to make another one, especially of the sleeveless ruffled one. 

Simplicity 4994

This super easy 1960s maternity dress pattern has only two main pieces, and with the tie is super flattering. This has to be my favorite that I made last time for the shear reason I could cut it out and sew it up completely in a couple of hours! 

I used cotton prints last time and am toying with using a nicer fabric for a fancier dress this time, but novelty prints are a real weakness of mine, so who knows if I can withstand such temptation when this dress is so easy to make. The pattern also includes the top and a panties/bloomers pattern and I am sorely tempted to try this to make some cute pajamas for this summer. 

So, here are some of my sewing plans for the next several months. I'm hoping by starting some of this summer sewing early I will have it done to wear through both spring and summer when I get big. And not to worry, you will see all the dresses I originally made from these patterns, too. 

Do you have any plans to repeat favorites from your sewing or vintage wardrobe?

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