Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blue, Green, and Pregnant

Help! I'm losing my waist!
Even though I felt like I was having a fairly good hair day here, I felt a little blah about the day, the outfit, and pretty much everything. Pregnancy hormones are fun like that, and if you've never experienced them, just imagine pms hormones minus the cramping for nine months. The only upside is you know an amazing little baby is at the end of it all. 

I wore my banjo pin again.
Part of why I felt a little meh was because I'm in my least favorite part of pregnancy. The part where you can kind of wear maternity clothes, but you're still not big enough, and you really just look like you've been eating a lot lately and forgot what exercise is. It doesn't help that I'm always at risk for a miscarriage within the first trimester and end up on pelvic rest for a while as well as not being able to really exercise. So, basically for all my pregnancies I feel like a cow until I get that definitve baby bump that makes it obvious I've not just become lazy and fat. *Sigh*

Simplicity 1026
I used a vintage pattern for the skirt, but it turned out a little more baggy than I would've liked, but I'm too lazy to take it in and really it's a maternity skirt, so comfort and wiggle room take priority over many things right now.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: navy v-neck maternity sweater given to me by friend
Skirt: green pencil skirt made by me out of green suiting material (unlined)
Tights: navy not pictured
Shoes: gold ballet flats
Earrings: small wide gold hoops clip ons from somewhere
Bracelet: large bangle with imitation ivory and gold carvings, again no idea where I got it I've had it so long
Brooch: vintage banjo pin purchased off eBay

I wish I had gotten better pictures that day, but I didn't even feel like messing with them. I am now entering the second trimester and have a lot more energy than when these pictures were taken, but pregnancy is still an up and down roller coaster ride until the climatic end drops you and a new little one off.

Do you still dress vintage on your "meh" days?

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