Monday, February 24, 2014

Sixties Plaid Maternity Dress

I still don't have a really perceptible bump, at least not to others than myself or my husband, but doggone it I'm wearing some of my favorite maternity dresses anyway. For one thing it is way more comfy when your belly starts expanding at all. I've never been a fan of tight maternity clothing especially anywhere near by belly. That is one reason I love vintage maternity clothing. They're always free flowing over the belly and make everything easy and comfortable and cool, which is essential when you get hot just sitting still outside in February. It's like you have a little heater inside. 

I was, and have been some days, a little too lazy or crammed for time to set my hair, so au natural curls it is. I know I'm blessed that I can get away without doing a whole lot to my hair, especially with a middy cut.

Morning sickness is coming to an end, thank God, but I still have moments and even days where I'm nauseous. Thankfully I learned after my first pregnancy that if you eat little meals throughout the day of only things that sound appetizing to you, you can avoid a lot of the vomiting. Unfortunately, that means I am never one of those people who says I lost 15 pounds during the first few weeks and just can't gain any weight. No, I still eat well even if I'm throwing up, sorry if that's too much information, but that's how it is. Hence that's probably the reason why I always get big by the end, but my babies have been healthy and my pregnancies are relatively easy, and that's what really counts.

McCall's 6995
I tried to find the exact plaid pictured because I loved the look of that dress. The only alterations I made was to shorten the sleeves to a 3/4 length so it's more versatile, again I get hot, really hot when I'm pregnant. Oh, and I removed the cuffs because they just didn't look right at the shorter length, so it's just gathered. I wore it with a belt here, but made a tie belt out of the same fabric to wear with it. However, when I go maternity clothes out of storage I couldn't find the belt.

I like the comfort of free-flowing vintage maternity, but I often add ties or a belt so I feel less like I'm wear a muu muu dress. The tops don't bother me nearly so much as the dresses unbelted.

Outfit Details:
Maternity Dress- made by me
Belt-thrifted braided brown
Leggings-black maternity from Motherhood Maternity store
Bracelets-vintage carmel bakelite and chocolate brown, I know one was purchased on Etsy, can't remember where I got the other one
Earrings-vintage bakelite carmel button clip ons

What do you think of free flowing vintage maternity dresses?  Do they remind you a little of a muu muu, too without a belt or tie?


  1. It looks lovely. Congratulations on the baby and hope the pregnancy runs smoothly

    1. Aw, thank you. Me too, I've had easy pregnancies for the most part with only a little limited bedrest once. I dread the heat of summer more than anything. Here in the south it gets so hot and humid, it can feel u bearable when you're not pregnant.