Friday, November 28, 2014

Double the Skirt, Double the Fun

This skirt was something I whipped up kind of on a whim with no pattern or even a picture for inspiration. To be honest, it was born out of necessity and my love for both fabrics used.

Outfit Details:
Skirt: made by me
Shirt: Knit peasanty blouse from Old Navy ages ago
Hat: vintage ribbon hat from eBay
Bangles: vintage bakelite from various eBay sources and times
Earrings: vintage wire sunflower screwbacks from eBay this summer
Brooch: vintage bakelite 1930s/40s cowgirl from eBay maybe?
Purse: vintage 1950s tooled leather from local antique store no longer open
I also wore brown tights and some honey-colored lace-up oxford flats, but didn't get a picture. 

I've always like a nice simple gathered skirt, but also enjoy the occasional wrap skirt. A drindl or simple gathered skirt is really easy to make and wear, but can be a little blah. A wrap skirt is pretty and interesting to look at, but somehow I always end up on the wrong end of too big of a breeze in them. 

The answer: combine what I like about both of them. So, I made a feaux wrap drindle skirt! By lengthening the waistband at both ends I was able to make it close with a bow. 

It also is very practical post-abdominal surgery (no, not a tummy tuck, lol) due to it's adjustability and loose fit,'s completely reversible(saving closet space)! I'm sure you'll see an outfit post with it's other side later.

Having four small children can take a toll on you both physically and mentally, but that was increased for me after the birth of my third child and made worse after our fourth was born due to some physical and health issues I was experiencing. Anyone who has experienced any kind of ailment that is remotely debilitating will understand that it can be more than a little depressing to be unable to do what you want to do or even used to do simply because you're body won't cooperate.

I had surgery a few weeks back in order to get back some of the ability to do things I used to take pleasure in and to even be able to pick up my kids again and play with them in an active manner. 

The post-op recovery period for surgery can be just as, or more, debilitating than whatever the surgery was supposed to correct. Sewing up this skirt not only gave me something to do, but something I could comfortably wear while still sore and healing, and it made me feel just a little bit better about myself and pointed to the hope that somewhere down the road things would be better and easier. 

My daughter also wanted me to share with you something else we have been doing together while I was recovering. We've been able to spend some girly time just painting our nails and looking at amazing and crazy nail art on pinterest. Just being able to do something with her made me feel a little more normal, too.

Do you have any hobbies or interests that help you to cope with difficult situations? Would you wear a reversible skirt?

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