Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Pastels

Goodness knows I am not what I think anyone would describe as "on trendy" or even very "fashionable", at least not for modern times. I have always dressed in a way described as "different" by most people who have ever known me. Oddly, even though my style has obviously evolved, the basic elements and style preferences I enjoy have not really changed much. I met my husband when we were both seventeen and he says the fact that I dressed my own way actually made me not only stand out, but attracted him to me. 

However, when I put this outfit together I later found out that pastels were on trend for this fall, lol. Not that it matters, but I thought it rather funny that I was accidently sort of trendy. Obviously I'm not wearing them in a trendy way though, lol. And clearly I don't look remotely like a model, which I'm actually kind of glad about, because I'd rather be me.

Even though I'm naturally very pale and some pastels can wash me out, I still love them and feel totally girly and very feminine when I wear them. I think pastel peaches, blues, and some lavenders look the best on me, and it's kind of fun to wear them in fall or winter when they are least expected, and they cheer me up. It's hard not to be a little happy when wearing pastels.

I wouldn't say that my style fits perfectly into a specific vintage period either, though, I guess I will never completely "fit in" as far as fashion trends, but I'm okay with that. After all, a big part of the reason I wear vintage clothing and styles is because I enjoy being a little unique and eclectic.

I have elements in this outfit from at least four different decades, but I think just like I'm not completely from one decade, neither is my clothing. It's amazing how everyone is made up of all the time, experiences, and elements from many years (unless you're a kid reading this, lol), yet if we look at pop culture or to the fashion world, we are supposed to forget everything we loved or wore ten years ago and follow whatever current fashion dictates regardless of whether we like it or whether it's flattering on us. If this logic were applied to any other part of our lives, we would laugh. I love that wearing vintage clothing and thrifted clothing allows people to show more of who they really are through what they wear. I've always been interested in older things, whether it be vintage clothing, antique furniture, antique cars, or traditional and older music styles. Why not let your clothing speak to who you truly are?

Outfit Details:
Skirt: drindl skirt made by me
Shirt: peachy turtleneck from who-knows-where because I've had it since college
Sweater: vintage 1980s, purchased from Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage's Etsy (Vintage Under 30) store this summer (Pssst! Here's a link to her new awesome new Etsy shop Wacky Tuna.)
blue leather belt: don't remember, but online somewhere
Earrings: vintage Niagara Falls souvenir clip-ons, because I'm touristy like that and that place is special to my husband and I.
I also wore gray tights and some black oxford ankle bootie flats, and yes, one day I will take pictures of my shoes! I'm just a germaphobe and do not wear shoes past my basement door at our house.

With the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I'm sharing a big part of what, or rather who I am soooo thankful to God for right now. Above is a gratuitous cute baby picture with the girls, because I'm head over heels for  our sweet little girls. Can't believe I'm a mom of four and get to have TWO little girls! God has truly blessed our home and family with an unbelievable sweetness!

Do you wear pastels in fall or winter? What does your style say about you? What have you been blessed with lately?

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