Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Middy: The First Vintage Set

I did my first pin curl set with my new middy cut, and boy was I nervous. It was a bit harder making wide pin curls with such short hair (wide, because I didn't want to look like Shirley Temple when it was dry.) Waiting for it to dry was so hard, and I was scared it would turn out weird the first time.

My main inspiration for why I wanted a middy cut in the first place and how I wanted to style my comes from Super Kawaii Mama. If you haven't seen her versions of a middy haircut, you really should click on the link. She makes it look so incredibly easy. *sigh*

So, without further awesome middy!!!!

I know, it's like you can't miss a vintage style with this cut! I am by no means great at pin curls or at combing out sets, but it's like even I couldn't mess it up. 

I followed Super Kawaii basic tips for setting a middy, rolling the curls down and using two fingers to make for wider curls. She has an awesome video on youtube with it, by the way. And the best part with this cut is that it took hardly any time to dry, like an hour or two!

Then I just combed it out with a comb and played with it until I liked what I saw. I did tease a little at the crown for a little more height and volume on top. It still only took about 10 minutes to set it this morning and about five to ten to style at most. I did finish with hairspray and these pictures were taken at the end of a day of homeschooling, diaper changing, ballet class, and errand running all with lots of little ones grabbing hair, wind blowing it, and in and out of cars. I think it held up really well.

Oh, and I wore a a vintage sweater for the first time that I had been repairing and restoring. It's a gorgeous cream color with copper and gold beading all over it. I had to re-sew some beads and sew up a few holes, but unfortunately can see from the picture that I need to stitch down some of the lining around the front.

Outfit Details:
Skirt-self drafted and made by me
T-shirt-Old Navy basic tee
Cardigan-vintage sweater from eBay
Tights- Navy (not pictured)
Shoes-gold ballet flats (not pictured)
Earrings-vinage lucite confetti from eBay or Etsy, I don't remember which

Overall, I am very surprised at how much I like this hair cut, and even more surprised how much my husband likes it. It's like so many vintage styles seem suddenly attainable. Even though it's a big commitment and a little on the short side from my normal lengths, I think it will grow out beautifully, and I am very tempted to maintain this length for a while. And I am quite sure you will be seeing more variations with my new middy here on the blog. 

What do you think, should I keep it short for a while? Have I convinced you to try a vintage cut?


  1. Love, love, love!!!! And once more, love! :) I really do! It's smashingly becoming, very elegant, super vintage looking, and just as pretty as pretty can be. I'd stick with this length for a good while, if I was you. I've thought your hair was awesome, but I adore it all the more now with new shorter middy cut. Way to go on getting it trimmed to this length - it suits you fabulously!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Aw thank you so much! I like it, my husband likes it, but oddly even though I've dressed vintage for a while, a lot of people I know keep saying I liked your hair better long, or that it looks "old fashioned". That was the point, lol.
    I'm looking for different ways to style it, too, just because, but its way faster to style vintage than my longer hair was, and takes a lot less time period, so I'm happy with it for now. Who knows how long I'll keep it, but that's mostly cause I'm fickle, lol.
    Thanks again, dear!

  3. your new hairdo looks fantastic! you look great with the middy: vintage and natural styled!
    ...the cardigan is a dream!

    1. Thanks. I'm definitely enjoying it. And the cardigan had a few small holes to sew up and some loose beads, but overall was in great condition. I don't usually buy vintage that requires repairs, but got this for a steal.

  4. I love how your hair looks both spunky or classy in this cut.

    1. Thanks Laura! I haven't had my hair this short for a while, and I'm sure I'll be too lazy to get it trimmed enough to maintain, but I'm enjoying it right now and will definitely go for this cut again.