Monday, January 20, 2014

A Kind of Marilyn Housewife

 I thought I'd share an outfit and some pictures of a slightly different pin curl set and comb out. This time I left the curls a little tighter and went for more of a Marilyn Monroe inspired style. I called it a Marilyn Housewife, because obviously my style is a lot more subdued and less va-va-voom for an everyday look, not to mention this was how I wore it to church and that's the last place I would want to show any va-voom.

I also used this as an opportunity to wear my new favorite earrings! I just got them in the mail and I love them to pieces! They are a 1940s straw hat with flowers and ribbon. I know they're more of a springy/summery design, but I could not wait that long to wear them, and I thought the colors kind of matched my sweater.

The biggest qualm I have with wearing them is the thought of losing one somewhere. I feel this way about many of my vintage clip ons. Does anyone else have that fear, and if so, what can I do about it?

I also wore another one of my quirky vintage brooch collection. This time it was a vintage banjo pin worn in honor of my dad who has been a professional banjo player since he was about fifteen. I don't play a banjo, but can't help but love the instrument especially when played by my dad.

I wore what I suppose could be considered a vintage sweater, because it's about seventeen years old. I bought it while in high school, and it was a part of one of my first major clothing purchases on my own. Let me assure you it fits a little differently than it did at fourteen, lol. It also came with a kind of hippyish tie belt which I chose not to wear, hence the loops on either side of my waist.

It's amazing how vintage this sweater looks for a more modern piece. Because it was an awesome late 90s cropped sweater, I didn't even have to tuck it in. Just goes to show it pays not to get rid of everything and that you can find vintage-like pieces that can work to fill out your wardrobe anywhere.

Outfit Details:
Sweater-late 90s purchase from Delia's (a Junior clothing mail order company)
Skirt-yup, my me made navy circle skirt is getting a lot of wear, because it's fully lined and warm
Navy tights-who knows?
Earrings-vintage 1940s purchase from eBay
Brooch-vintage banjo brooch from either eBay or etsy
Shoes-my black, Tommy Hilfiger pumps purchased about ten years ago (picture here)

I like this setting, and so did my husband, but it is bordering on that old lady ball/bubble hairstyle, so I can see it has to be styled intentionally to not look too oldish. And there's not a lot about Marilyn Monroe that I could/would copy, but she did always have great hair.

Whose hair do you try to copy or look to for inspiration?


  1. Actually, I don't copy anyone's. But-- way back when I was a kid, I always wanted Farah Faucett's hair. ~smile~

  2. I love the Farah! I was born in the eighties, so I missed out on the original, but as a teen often wished I knew how to recreate it. It would've went so well with my bell bottoms (yes, I wore hip hugger bell bottoms in high school via late nineties revive of seventies cool).