Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workbasket Wednesday: Dab Dishes

Today's Workbasket Wednesday is an article on practical tips for using up leftovers and other useful housekeeping ideas. Something every person must face, whether married or unmarried, male or female, is the problem of housekeeping. I don't care who you are or what you think or feel about who should be doing the housework and cooking, in the end it really has nothing to do with your sex and everything to do with not wanting to waste and to live in a home not full of filth. I understand that some people will see articles like this in magazines aimed at women in the past as sexist, but can't we just see it as useful tips and take it at that?



  1. Thanyou so much for visiting my blog! I am impressed you can sew I wish I can. I have to say I think 33 is pretty young thing age!

    Now I have to admit I take my vintage articles with a grain of salt. I consider myself pretty modern, despite my vintage wardrobe and I do beleive in total equality of the sexes. That means I think people have choices to work, to stay at home, to have kids or not, its up to you! Part of what I love about vintage and kitsch is viewing it with a bit of humor. I love to chuckle at the old articles and educational films BUT I think our current ads can be just as silly.

    Your blog is adorable

    retro rover

  2. oh and i do agree we all need clean dishes! even if I am myself and a bit lax in the house keeping department its tough to keep as neat a home as Id like with with 5 dogs 3 cats and a full time job
    retro rover

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog!
      I am definitely not the example of perfection in my home at all. Three small kids can make a mess of what you just cleaned almost before you're finished cleaning it, lol. But our oldest is six and she's able to help a lot more.
      I agree, that a lot of vintage articles have to be taken tongue in cheek, but it's a great way to see historically the ideals being pushed at that time, just as modern ads or articles. After all everyone biased according to what they think culture should be like. I do think the idea of teaching kids basic life skills; cooking, cleaning, mending, gardening, etc, seems to be lost in many ways. I look at how self sufficient my grandparents were and realize that all my education left many of those skills out. It's not a gender issue, but rather one of, I think, common sense and survival.
      I also think how many kids someone has is kinda no one else's business a along as they are caring and providing for them. I just get a lot of flack from strangers even where I live because I'm having my fourth. Sometimes I feel like asking them if they are going to have to pay for them, and since they are not then it isn't their business, lol.
      I'm glad to have met you through your blog!