Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workbasket Wednesday: Crochet a Pekinese Dog

Today's Workbasket Wednesday is for a crocheted Pekinese dog and wouldn't it make a sweet gift for a little one. Perhaps I'll get ambitious and crochet one for our new baby. Hopefully, whether or not I make one, I hope you do and that it will bring joy to a child near you. 



  1. This is super cute! if only I could crochet. I also love those old kitschy crochet poodles
    retro rover

    1. I can halfway crochet, like baby blankets or booties or simple things, but for some reason this kind of stuff terrifies me. My mom can crochet anything and even makes her own patterns for stuff. Maybe I'll get over my fear though and make this. Crocheting is my favorite nursing time activity. I know that sounds weird, but for the first few months babies nurse so often that you can actually accomplish quite a bit while feeding them.