Friday, April 18, 2014

A Casual Vintage Maternity Look

I wanted to post a more everyday outfit today. Not that I don't wear my homemade vintage maternity dresses for everyday stuff, because I do. I just wanted to show a very casual look that I wore to the store, because it's a mix up of modern and vintage clothes and is casual enough to be comfortable and to wear for just around the house.

I had to go to Walmart (Gag! I'm sorry I hate that place!), because when you live in a rural place the only stores open sometimes are Walmart or Walgreens. So, I threw on a vintage sweater (it was a little chilly), my Minetonka moccasins, and grabbed my little girl (the boys stayed with daddy) and down the road we went.

My hair was a two day old pin curl set and at home I only wore the t-shirt and capri pants, but throw on a cute sweater, lipstick, and a couple accessories and you don't look like you just stopped scrubbing the bathroom long enough to go to the store.

 I enjoy looking a little put together even to just go to the store. It makes me feel better, and I think it's respectful to others and my kids and husband. When I'm out in public I feel an even greater need now as a mom to dress decently. After all, not only will other people judge what kind of a mother and wife I am by how I look (seriously, we've all seen the frazzled mom and thought I hope I never look like that), but my kids are learning how they should look when out in public.

Almost 23 weeks here!
I do not let my kids go out in their pajamas, and it's really not that hard to keep them from it. I get them in the habit from the time they are born of changing out of their pajamas and into regular clothes when they first get up, even before eating breakfast. It's not really much more work for me as I do the same with myself and I simply do it for them while they're in diapers. They know the routine, wake up, potty, get dressed and comb your hair. It may sound old fashioned, but it makes going out unexpectedly and even planned appointments a lot easier to get ready for.

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Outfit Details:
Sweater-vintage from eBay
T-shirt-Maternity from Old Navy about six years ago
Capri pants-maternity gift from sister-in-law
Earrings-vintage bakelite from eBay
Bracelet-from Burlington Coat Factory

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, I just don't go out in pajamas, sweats, or things with big stains, tears, or holes in them. Keep some easy to grab accessories and "Voila!" you look like you care, even if it's just a little effort. 


  1. Lovely outfit. I agree with you about looking put together when you go out. For me it's a tie between looking neat and respectable, as well as getting good wear out of my good clothes. I have had people ask me where I am going when I am wearing a lace trimmed blouse to the shops. I'm not going anywhere, I just like wearing blouses and skirts on a daily basis

    1. Somehow people have forgotten how good wearing pretty clothes you like improves your mood and day. I love wearing pretty dresses and skirts and frills and lace and ruffles and beautiful shoes. I'm not sure when or why it became commonplace for people to go out anywhere without combing their hair and in their pajamas, but am trying not to let my children become that way.
      I also think a lot of people assume that wearing a dress or skirt or even a few accessories is too much trouble and uncomfortable. Oh if they only knew how easy and comfy a cute dress or skirt is! I've also found that when I keep my accessories organized I can quickly grad some earrings and a brooch or a bracelet to match, and cute flats are as easy as flip flops or crocs, lol.