Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blue Rose Vintage Giveaway on Chronically Vintage!

Vintage hat giveaway!!!!
I do have a few vintage hats, and have worn a couple of them on occasion, but never feel like I know what to do with my hair in a hat. However, this hasn't stopped me from longing for more vintage hats and trolling ebay for them. And I had made up my mind that this fall I would try to incorporate more of my hats into my everyday wardrobe this fall and winter. As I had thought this time of year would make for an easier transition into hats, because most of mine are hats for cold weather.

And what did I spy this morning, but a giveaway for a free vintage hat of your choice! Go to Chronically Vintage and enter today! And if you by any chance should win, let the rest of us win vicariously by posting a picture of you in your new hat.

Click here to go to Chronically Vintage's post on the giveaway, and check out Blue Rose Vintage's store here.

Somebody's gotta win!
So, do you enter giveaways?


  1. Thank you very much for blogging about today's fab Blue Rose Vintage giveaway, dear gal. I think that vintage hats are one of those items of clothing that often seem intimidating at first, but once you start wearing them, you quickly wonder how you ever got by without them. In terms of styling your hair, a low, classic bun at the nap of your neck, works for 99% of styles, and helps keep the emphasis on the hat itself. One often sees models from the 50s (in particular) who wore their hat this way with hats throughout the decade.

    Best of luck & thank you again very much for entering!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks! I think it's mostly me not used to seeing myself in hats, and trying to not be self conscious about them when I wear them. I will be trying the bun, though. I have lots of naturally curly hair, so that may be a good way to hide those bad hair days ;)