Monday, May 5, 2014

The Bluebonnet Pinafore Maternity Dress and Truly Final Sew for Victory Project

 Okay, so I thought Sew for Victory 2014 was over, too, but the deadline has been extended until Monday May 5th, 2014. I found this out on maybe Wednesday, so what could I do, but go ahead and sew up one more project before the Monday deadline?
Simplicity 4635
I chose to make another 1940s maternity pinafore. My previous one can be seen here. This pattern really is so easy to sew and so much fun to wear. I know it's a little like a little girl's dress in design, but that's what makes it so fun. Besides my husband and myself both like the way I looked in the other one so much that I couldn't resist sewing up another, especially considering it's the perfect summer dress for pregnancy without being too revealing and keeping you cool all at the same time. 

 This time I decided to use a printed vintage fabric, but I'm not sure of the content. However it is much more stable than the slippery fabric I used last time, so I went for the shaped neckline. The ruffles are much more pronounced on this one as well, due to the more crisp nature of this fabric.

25 Weeks Y'all!!!
I also made my own bias facings for the arms, as the pattern calls for bias tape to finish the edges. It's probably been about a year and a half since I started making my own bias tape, and it is SO easy that I don't know if I'll ever buy pre-made bias tape again, unless it's just so dirt cheap I cannot resist. I used to same fabric as the dress, and I may have to do a tutorial at some point to show how I made them. I will warn you, it's a way that uses scraps and it requires NO ironing. 

This design has pockets and is supposed to be able to be worn after pregnancy as well. Since I'm due at the end of August, you may have to wait until next summer to see if I'm actually brave enough to try wearing it as normal, non-huge-belly, clothing. 

Outfit Details: 
Dress-Made by me
Earrings-Vintage bakelite red button earrings purchased from Etsy or ebay (sorry, not pictured)
Bracelets-Vintage bakelite and lucite bangles and clamp bracelets purchased off ebay
Brooch-Vintage brooch (says 1947 on the car tag) purchased on ebay
Shoes-Red Bakers lace-up, cut out, oxford heels (sorry, not pictured).

I'm also liking my hair more at this length since it has grown out some. (I can do a little ponytail now!) So, though it will still be growing out for a while, it's not at that awkward length it was about a month ago, or maybe I'm just figuring out the pin curl sets that work with it now. Anyway, I tried to recreate a more authentic 1940s makeup look for this and have to say that only wearing mascara on the top lashes really opens up your eyes, and I think for me makes them look slightly younger. 

Well, this is for sure my last Sew for Victory entry of the year, and I've had such a good time sewing up some of my 1940s patterns from my collection that I don't want to stop, so there will be some more 40s sewing going on around here for a while, especially for the kids. It's amazing when you finish a big project and it's over, it almost feels like I don't want it to end because I was having so much fun and I feel a little lost without that goal ahead anymore. So I'm looking for another sew along. I like the idea of  the Vintage Playsuit Sew Along going on over at Girl With The Star-Spangled Heart, but am not sure how or if I would want to take part in that while I'm pregnant. Especially since I'm not planning a beach trip this summer and who knows if I'll ever be pregnant again. *Sigh*

You can check out my other Sew for Victory projects here, here, and here

Now to figure out what project I want to start next. Hmmmm.....

Do you know of any other Sew Alongs happening in the near future?


  1. This pinafore is seriously adorable!!!! I also love your hair. The curls look great and the pinafore is lovely I sew wish I could sew.

    retro rover

    1. Thank you so much! And you sew could sew. It's really not hard just a matter of learning and practicing a few basic things and then being able to follow directions. I learned from my mom when I was little sewing up basic pillows and quilt squares then on to doll clothes, but you're never too old to learn.

  2. What a cute maternity dress! I want one but too bad, I can't sew too.

    1. Thanks! Oh it's so much fun to sew, and I'm very sure you could learn. I think it's the easiest way to add to a vintage wardrobe or any wardrobe for that matter.